Dear PHCheats Community,

We want to welcome a new developer to join our amazing team. We are seeking for an ambitious reverse engineer to join us. If you do not know by now we are planning to expand to other games, however doing so is going to require our team to grow first.

  • Experience in C++ programming language for developing game cheats.
  • Knowledge to reverse engineer new games in a swift fashion to bring product to our market.
  • Identifying anti-cheating algorithms and being able to develop technologies to keep our product secure.
  • You must be deadline-oriented, able to problem solve and be in-depth with your ideas and strategies.

  • We offer profit sharing for products sold on our platform. The better the product, the better the profits.

If you have what it takes PM me. You will be notified within 24 hours if you have been accepted or not for the lead developer role.

Kind regards,

Information PHC's Credit System
PHC's Credit System

Starting today we wil launch our Credit System, Which will allow you to earn credits by posting threads, liking post, etc...

Below are the events and thier equivalent credits

+5 Daily Login: Assigns points for each daily login.
+ 10 Register: Assigns points for new users.
+ 0.5 Transfer: Allows users to transfer the credit points to another user in the forum/community. Fee and taxes apply for these events. So the organizer could choose the target members to apply this event.
+ 10 Birthday: Assigns points to the member whose birthday is the day displayed on the system
+/- 3 Upload/ Delete Avatar: Assigns or remove the credits when a member upload/delete avatar.
+/-2 Follow/ Unfollow: Assigns or remove the credits when a member follow/unfollow someone.
+/-4 Get/ Lost Follower: Assigns or remove the credits when a member get/lost follower someone.
+2 Update Status: Assigns credits when member update status.
+ 4 New Profile Post: Assigns credits when a member’s new post or new comment on other member's wall.
- 4 Profile Post Deleted: Assigns credits member's post get permanently deleted
+ 4 Receive Profile Post: Assigns credits when someone new post or new comment on the user's profile page.
+ Lose Profile Post: Assigns credits when profile posts/ comments on the user's profile page get permanently deleted.
+ Like/ Unlike Profile Post: Assigns or remove the credits when a user like/unlike a profile post.
+ Receive/ Lose Profile Post Like: Assigns or remove the credits when a user receive/lose profile post like.
+ Create Conversation: Assigns credits when a user creates new conversation.
+ Join the Conversation: Assigns/Remove credits when a user creates new conversation.
+ Leave Conversation: Assigns credit when a user leaves a conversation.
+ Reply Conversation: Assigns credits when a user replies to a conversation.
+ Receive Conversation Reply: Assigns credits when a user receives a reply in the conversation.
+ Create New Thread: Events...
Wish to be an PHCHEATS forum moderator?

Are you patient and friendly? Do you enjoy helping others?

Are you knowledgeable about PHCHEATS and good at explaining complex concepts in an easy to understand way?

Moderator work is time consuming and can sometimes seem thankless. It is not always easy and not always fun. You will make new friends but may also lose some. From time to time you will be called upon to make hard decisions - even some you may personally disagree with. That said, it can also be your most rewarding experience on PHCHEATS.

What does it take?

- You must be at least 15 years old and willing to handle content that may not be appropriate for younger audiences.

- You must have a registered avatar name (i.e. no Guest_ name).

- You must be a member of PHCHEATS for a minimum of 6 months. Moderators should know how things work on PHCHEATS so this experience is necessary.

- You must be a member in good standing. If you have repeated warnings, bans, or other actions taken against you it is unlikely youll be chosen to be a moderator. If you are not sure about your standing, you can any Admins and we can take a look. We will still consider applications from users who have had minor incidences in the past.

- You should have at least 50 forums posts. Your active participation in the forums means you are familiar with them and you understand the guidelines and the forum community.

- You should have a helpful posting style. We want our users to have guidance from moderators who are able to help them in a variety of situations. Moderators need to explain concepts, provide direction and guidance and all with a friendly voice. A helpful posting style means answering questions and politely pointing out the rules or redirecting users to the information they seek.

What makes you stand out?

You have to show that you can think on your feet. You need to have independent thinking but also be able to temper that individuality with respect for...

1. Disrespecting PCH (5 Days Ban)

2. No scamming. (Permanent Ban)
3. No posting of keylogger, phishers & viruses. (Permanent Ban)
4. No requesting to join a ranks / user groups (2 Day ban)
5. Links with an ads or survey up to 2 times only. (2 Days Ban)
6. No impersonating PCH staff. (Permanent Ban)
7. No sexual or inappropriate images (Keep it 12+) (2 Days Ban)
8. No recruiting/advertising other game hacking site. (5 Days Ban)

9. Spamming & Trolling is not tolerated.
10. Requesting to become staff of PCH isn't allowed.
11. Requesting attachment delete/thread close isn't allowed. | Unless you are the creator.
12. We only allow to use Tagalog and English language. Other dialects or language are not allowed
13. Names cannot be similar to the staff like adding PCH , [PCH ] (Permanent Ban)


1. Use attachments in uploading pictures and files.
2. Phishing content isn't allowed.
3. Using a hack might get you banned. Do not blame coder or staff members, blame yourself. Use at your own risk.
4. If hack you post isn't coded by you, give credits to coder.
5. Pack file and scan .rar or .zip file. Not exe.
6. Use Please login or register to view links, Please login or register to view links to upload virus scans.
7. Minimum 1 virus scan is required. Thread's without virus scans will be removed.